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Arts Education

As Californians we have one of the largest industries in the arts in the United States, yet our children have continuously not had the benefit of a full fine arts program in their schools. Arts should not be something that our teachers do at the end of the day, but instead art should be incorporated throughout the day in our curriculum. As an advocate for the arts, and working with Create California at the state level, I have been part of proposed solutions for our school communities. Arts education should not be optional; it needs to be an integral part of every child’s school day. Children are more successful in reading and math when they have exposure to the arts. We not only need to have arts education at the high-school and middle school, we need to make sure that our elementary schools also are carving out the time they need to teach the arts. Parents and families can be a partner in helping schools decide what the best programs are for the children in their schools. I will be there to partner with you and your family at the school district level.

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