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Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs are the number one investment we can make in education to help our children succeed. As a former legislative advocate for early childhood education, and a member of the State Superintendent for Public Instructions Early Learning and Care committee, I have a deep understanding of the necessity to have quality ECE and early care options for families. For every dollar invested in ECE programs, we save nearly $17 in return. With quality ECE programs, we have fewer children needing special education services and fewer dropouts. Children who have had access to quality ECE will not be starting school as far behind their peers. My goal is to continue to bring awareness about the needs we have in Sonoma County, and work with our partners to increase opportunities for our children. When parents of all income levels and backgrounds can enroll their children in quality ECE programs the parents also have the opportunity to work and provide for a more stable home environment and a stronger local economy.

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