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Support for Teachers, Staff and Administrators

The current global health pandemic from the novel Coronavirus has literally changed the face of our education profile overnight. Our teachers need an incredible response, new resources, and support system to help deal with distance learning through this unprecedented time. Our parents also need resources like never before, as they are being tasked to fill in at least three months, if not longer gaps in their children’s education. I want to be involved in the leadership of these efforts. I am a parent, I’ve been a school board trustee, and I have children who are teachers. I bring incredible knowledge to these problems, and I will seek solutions that ultimately keep the best outcomes possible for our students as the goal. 

As a County Board of Education Trustee, I will support our local schools and teachers by providing a wide variety of professional development for those that are working with our most precious resource, our children. I am a parent of a new public-school teacher, which gives me a unique perspective of the stress our staff is under with the changing school environments, and children that are living with community wide trauma from recent fires, floods, Public Safety Power Shut-Off, and now a global health pandemic.

When classes resume, hopefully this Fall, we will still be dealing with a massive shift to teaching and learning with new state standards, a new state testing system, and a new funding regime that requires local schools to involve their community in decision making. We must continue to provide the resources and support our staff and certificated teachers needed to effectively teach our students. As a former two-term (8 years) local school board member, I also understand the need to support our decision makers at every level. We can also be of service to teachers by giving them opportunities to attend professional development and stay abreast of constantly shifting policies in all aspects of education from the State and Federal levels. 

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