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  • Ann Crosbie

    Fremont USD Board of Education, Trustee
  • Elana Levens-Craig

    Santee School District, Trustee
  • Brad Waller

    Southern California ROC Board Trustee, President
    Redondo Beach USD Board Trustee, President, former
  • Paula Perotte

    City of Goleta, Mayor
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I've seen Dianna in action in Sacramento-she will put the safety of our students, teachers and the community first. Dianna MacDonald is the right woman at the right time for the Sonoma County Board of Education, District 1 seat.
— Tony Thurmond, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

As Chairwoman of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, I know how difficult things must be for our schools and students during this time of crisis. Dianna MacDonald will be there for our children and families, and she offers us a chance to advance an education platform that is sorely needed.
— Susan Gorin, Sonoma County Board of Supervisor, District 1

Sonoma County will be well-served by Dianna MacDonald on its Board of Education.  A demonstrated leader in education policy, Dianna's deep budgeting experience will be an asset during this time of fiscal challenges.  She will serve with character and integrity.
— Betty Yee, California State Controller

Dianna MacDonald has worked hard for our kids. Dianna brings state and federal legislative experience to the Sonoma County Board of Education, and I look forward to working with her to build a better future of Santa Rosa's students. — Chris Rogers, Santa Rosa City Council

Dianna is strong advocate for doing the right thing, and has the ability to see issues from others' perspectives. The key to our future success is compassionate advocacy for all.   — Mark Walsh, CPA, former Marin County Finance Director

As a small business owner, an educated workforce is critical for our local economy to thrive. I am pleased to read through the issues Dianna identified for her election campaign including career technical education and college and career readiness. Please join me in voting for Dianna MacDonald to represent our district (District 1) at the Sonoma County Board of Education. — Mousa Abbasi

I have worked with Dianna MacDonald for years, and seen first hand her commitment and understanding of the education system. We are both born and raised Sonoma County girls who graduated from Piner High School so our commitment to our community runs deep. I strongly support Dianna, she is the right choice for the Sonoma County Board of Education for District 1.

— Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Board President, Sonoma County Board of Education

Dianna is one of those candidates for an elected school board post that is the answer to the prayers of educators, parents and children, of patriots and community builders.  A former local school board member, parent of a teacher and the former President of the state PTA, here is a woman that will make a huge difference in Sonoma County as she has in our state and in her community already.  My prayers are for well educated public officials AND that those officials to have courage, vision and heart.  We need people to serve who put our children first and Dianna meets all of those criteria, she has my most enthusiastic endorsement.

— Delaine Eastin, California Superintendent of Public Instruction 1995-2003

Dianna is committed to work outside the box and engaging our community to to do what is best for kids. I know Dianna has the best intentions for our students, parents, and staff and having her on the board is simply a no brainer for me.
— Omar Lopez, Santa Rosa City Schools, Student Board Member

Dianna has been one of my appointees on the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women. She's the type of person that rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done. Dianna MacDonald will be a great addition to the Sonoma County Board of Education.

— James Gore, 4th District Sonoma County Supervisor

Dianna MacDonald's experience as a former school board trustee, in addition to her state level policy and organizational work with PTA are great assets for the SCOE Board. I look forward to her voice and leadership in the years to come. — Debora Fudge, Windsor Town Council

Proud to endorse Dianna MacDonald for Sonoma County Board of Education. Dianna’s decades of experience working to improve the education of all children is unmatched! — Ed Gilardi - Former Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District, Trustee, and California School Board Association Region 3 Director

As the Mayor of the City of Goleta I am proud to endorse Dianna. Dianna is connected throughout the State of California. It was because of these connections that she successfully brought the Safe Routes to School grant to her community. Her community was successful in receiving over $300,000 to help improve the safety of children and families walking and riding their bikes to school. It is a leader like Dianna that has and will continue to be an advocate for the children in her community and across this state.
— Paula Perotte, Mayor City of Goleta

Dianna MacDonald is one of the most thoughtful, authentic and determined advocates for public education that I have ever met. Her passion, experience and expertise make her a clear choice for Sonoma County Board of Education. If you want the best for kids - vote for Dianna! — Alex Kajitani, California Teacher of the Year Top-4 Finalist, National Teacher of the Year

In the time I have gotten to know Dianna, I have been absolutely impressed and inspired by her dedication to children and families in Sonoma County. Her vast experience in public service, as well as her strength, poise and love she has for every job she takes on will be of great value to the Sonoma County Board of Education.

— Lyndsey Burcina - Restorative Justice Practitioner and Japanese America’s Miss California 2020 & 2021

We support Dianna MacDonald because she is the only candidate that truly understands the importance of Career Technical Education (CTE) and has made it a top priority in our schools.  — Duane Davies, President, California Association of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors, National Association (CAL SMACNA)

To have a thriving economy we must have an educated workforce. We need leaders in office like Dianna, that can collaborate with all of our decision makers and listen to community members. Please join me in supporting and voting for Dianna MacDonald for Sonoma County Board of Education, District 1. — Jack Tibbetts, Santa Rosa City Council Member

I’ve known Dianna for over 20 years and have seen firsthand her dedication to children. This is why I’m thrilled to endorse Dianna. As a parent of two children in the Kenwood District, we want a leader that puts children and families first. Vote for Dianna! — Lisa Scheftner, Owner, DeVina Vita Skincare

I know and appreciate the talent, intelligence and practical expertise of Dianna MacDonald as a fellow Commissioner on the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women. I am excited and honored to recommend her as your next elected member of the Sonoma County Board of Education. She has demonstrated her expertise in so many ways through her involvement at all levels of education in California. She is forward thinking, provides creative solutions and has a command of the facts necessary to develop policy that impacts our educational system, making a huge difference in the positive growth of our most precious resources, our children. As a former educator I know what it takes to build excellence in our schools and how important it is to involve all levels of the community in the education of our children. Vote for Dianna MacDonald for Sonoma County Board of Education, District 1. You'll be glad you did. Peg Rogers — Peggy Rogers, Commissioner, Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women

Dianna MacDonald has my Vote! Dianna is inspiring. She is the reason I choose to run to be on the Cloverdale Unified School District Board, twice. She truly cares for ALL students! Vote Dianna MacDonald for District 1 Sonoma county Board of Education! — Jacque Garrison, Trustee, Board President, Cloverdale Unified School District

My sister has dedicated her entire adult life to public education. She started as a local PTA mom in her sons school and after 10+ years and many PTA positions she served as the PTA President of CA. Public education and our children need Dianna Greiner MacDonald! — Rochelle Costaglio, Chief People Officer, Vice President of Human Resources, Covalent Health

I have known Dianna as a school board member and PTA leader. She brings energy to the room and knows how to make hard decisions when needed. But most of all, she is involved for the right reason - she wants to improve the lives of our children. As past president and board member of both the Southern California Regional Occupational Center (regional Career Technical Education center) and the Redondo Beach Unified School District I have confidence that Dianna is the right person for Sonoma County Board of Education and hope that you will vote for her and tell your friends. — Brad Waller - Past SoCal ROC, RBUSD Board President

As a decades long advocate for education and a four term school board member, I know what takes to deliver education in Sonoma County in light of the 2020's various challenges. Dianna MacDonald will be a great addition to the SCOE Board. 

— Kellie Noe, Trustee, West Sonoma County Union High School District

As a school board member, I know what kind of person it takes to make important decisions on behalf of children and families. Dianna has a proven track record of always focusing on what is best for children, from her time as a school board member to her incredible leadership as California State PTA president. She knows how to listen to stakeholder's concerns, problem solve and come up with real solutions. Her extensive knowledge of the educational system, in addition to her effective work with legislators and state leaders makes her the ideal candidate for the Sonoma County Board of Education. — Elana Levens-Craig, Santee School District, Trustee

Dianna MacDonald has been a tireless advocate for all children for many years. Beginning as a local PTA President to her most recent stint as California State PTA President, Dianna has met with municipal, state and Congressional leaders to discuss the many needs of California's children. Dianna digs in, does her research, and will meet with all stakeholders willing to make every child's potential a reality. She is as comfortable in a classroom as she is meeting the Governor and Congressional leaders. An example of this is her tenure as Education and Community Consultant to Sonoma County Sheriff and Commission on the Status of Women for Sonoma County. After finishing her term as California State PTA President, Dianna stayed involved with National PTA as a member of the Nomination and Leadership Recruitment Committee to encourage new leaders to come forward and be part of the work on behalf of every child. There is no one that will work harder for YOUR child and the children of Sonoma County than Dianna MacDonald. — Beth Simek, Immediate Past President Arizona State PTA

Dianna is a passionate advocate for all students and has unparalleled experience in the world of education. — Caitlin Quinn, Petaluma City Schools, Trustee

I wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse Dianna MacDonald for Sonoma County Board of Education, District 1. — Evan Zelig

Dianna is a smart, passionate, collaborative leader who will speak up for the needs of children, students, families and communities! — Paul Richman

I have known Dianna for several years in many capacities. I worked with Dianna on PTA and when I was President of the Redondo Beach Unified School District. She is an incredible leader. She truly understands the importance of education and would be a remarkable asset to the Sonoma County Board of Education. — Anita Avrick

I’ve known Dianna for 40 years and she’s an amazing person. I know how passionate she is for the children and schools. As a parent of two graduates of Maria Carrillo High School, I know Dianna will work hard to make sure our children, families and local schools come first and are taken care of. Join me in supporting and voting for Dianna MacDonald for Sonoma County Board of Education, District 1 — Kristie Pool

I have known and admired Dianna MacDonald for over 15 years. She has ALWAYS been an advocate for students, parents and education. She is a Mom, friend, leader and mentor. From minute one she made me feel important as a volunteer parent in PTA. She has taken so many of us under her wings and inspired us to achieve more, to step up and join her in her mission to enable equitable and quality education for ALL students. She has created programs to help parents help their children, she has allowed parents and students to have a voice in the educational system. She listens to the educators and the families to see how the gaps can be filled and children of all economic status and academic levels can be best served. She is dedicated, educated and FANTASTIC! If you want to have a say, be an active part of your children's education and care about ALL children Dianna is the candidate to help you achieve this. Please join me in supporting Dianna, you and your children will thank me. Kelly Mattinson Child Advocate, Mom of 2 Jake CalTech Graduate and Jenna Cal Berkeley Junior — Kelly Mattinson

I am a teacher in Northern California, and I highly recommend Dianna MacDonald for county school board. Not only is she extraordinarily hard working, but she has a genuine passion for all children. Any work she does, she always has children’s interests first and truly cares how decisions made will impact them. She has many years of experience working for PTA, and most recently was the California State PTA president. This position speaks for itself, in that she is a true champion for children and will do whatever it takes to make their time in our education system beneficial and successful. — Blaire Trayford

As a member of the National Parent Teacher Association's Board of Directors, I have had the amazing opportunity to work directly with Dianna MacDonald. In this collaboration, I have see how she strives to not only advocate for all children but also improve the way to use our programs, resources and even talent as she is a member of the National PTA's Nominating and Leadership Recruitment Committee (NLRC). I am proud to call Dianna a colleague and friend and even as a member of the Lake County Regional School Board of Trustees, I can attest to her leadership and advocacy competencies and firmly believe she is more then qualified and ready for the role in which she is currently running for. — Chase Thomas

Dianna is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to our educational system. She’s been involved for many years & has an extensive amount of experience. She is extremely invested in enriching children’s lives through education & always has their best interests at heart. She would be such an asset to the school board, vote Dianna MacDonald!!! — Leslie Nikula

I have known and served with Dianna MacDonald on the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women for the last two years. We have worked together on in depth projects and , besides having an incredible depth of knowledge regarding our state and local educational system, Dianna has tremendous energy and care for the children and families in our community. I also live in the first district and heartily endorse her for Sonoma County Board of Education, District 1! — Janice Blalock

As a current middle school teacher I believe we need more people like Dianna in office! She’s an amazingly hard worker and knows exactly how to advocate for students and teachers. Vote Dianna MacDonald! — Denton Garwood

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